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. and who is the woman who married tamerlan tsarnaev? let's go "outfront." >> good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. we begin with breaking nudz "outfront" tonight. boston bombing suspect speaks. saying the word no whether asked about whether i could afford a lawyer at the bedside hearing at the hospital today where he is recovering. we're getting a first look at the transcripts of that hearing obtained by "the new york times." it is a court note, the defendant is alert, mentally competent, and lucid. he is aware of the nature of the proceedings. and along with that breaking news, we're covering this story tonight from every angle. drew griffin, david todd and david mattingly are in boston tonight. drew with the latest on the investigation. brian with new information about the older brother tamerlan tsarnaev, the one killed on thursday night. what we know about his outburst at a mosque in january. david has an "outfront" investigation on exactly how those deadly bombs were made. nick peyton walsh is in the russian republic dodged by religious violence where the suspect's parents live
are getting in right now that we are able to report. an fbi says agents did interview tamerlan, the older suspect would was killed last night in 2011 at the request of the foreign government. the official was not named. we can confirm that the fbi had indeed interviewed the older of the two brothers, suspects number one, who was killed last night in 2011. the government, the foreign government that requested that interview suspected that tamerlan may have had ties to extremist groups. this is a very interesting and important development. john king is us with. >> a development that i think will play out more after we find out what is happening here in the sense of if there was government contact with any of thuz suspects beforehand, you know, what happened then? what was the report back to the international government that asked for this information? was this person kept on a watch list or any surveillance? those will be answered in the day ahead. i want to bring in information that i have about a source about what is happening right now in the franklin street area. back in washington but
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2